Speaking Corner

Hello guys!

It’s wonderful I can speak at IP Gempol blog. A place where I’ve learn English, makes me understand much about it.

I can feel the result of my study now, where I interact with all students at my college. I join the English club too and I enjoy it well.

Thanks IP ? U means a lot to me.

Keep going forward!!!


Assalaamu’alaikum ….
It’s a very nice occassion to speak up in this blog.
Let me introduce myself, I’am Rey and live in not  far from this English course.
I’ve been studying English at IP Gempol since I was at Senior High School.
I felt excited learning English in this place because it has given such a different way in teaching the students, relaxed and self-approach guidance.
The special one is it provides a speaking class every saturday night, for all students in different levels may join this class.
Discussion, sharing and playing some word games are tihs class activity.
I hope this blog can be such that class, a place to speak, share and exchange informations.
That all about IP Gempol,
Bravo IP, be better again !

(see more about me)

  1. #1 by arfian on December 30, 2010 - 1:55 am

    hmmm..thats right
    emang di tempat ini ada speaking class-nya, mantaaapz

  2. #2 by imroatus on March 27, 2011 - 4:31 am

    This course make me nuw more about english especially in grammar and tenses. Before I studied there I dunno more about how to arrange d’good sentences and speak….
    and all of teachers are very kind and welcome…

    Cheers up IP! Keep moving forward……..

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