What have we done so far ?

Waiting for the bus, hhuufffff....... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Where's my seat? is it my bus??! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

TP 1 Extreme Class, but peculiar? hahaha... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Remix SCC 2, TP 1 & TP 2, it's delicious... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Ci..luk..baaaa.... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

mmmm....pose before doing test (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Please be quiet!!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

The Secretary of IP Gempol

Peace guys .....!!!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Sweet sleep, sweet dream, mmmmm...zzzzzz (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

?????...X..?..1..#...z..z..z..z..z.. (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Let's go home !!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

ssstttt.... so sweet

Ngembe students, so cute, aren't they?? (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Official Band of IP, yeaaaahhhh... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

IP's girls at rest, ehm..ehm (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

IP Crew Break time action, cie..cie..cie.. (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Hey, I'am here....!!!

TP 2 in action, don't crowd me guys!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

DUO IP, What are we waiting for???

TP 1 in action, nice smile.. (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

SCC 2 relaxed time, huuuffff.... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

SCC 2 in action, emmm... (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Where's the toilet, please!!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Two wide smiles, so sweet..!!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

The Big Boss of IP lyin' the back (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Uffffss...give me a seat friends..(LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Let's go everybody !!! (LOCAL EXAM 2011)

Saturday night speaking class

Speaking Partner Level II

  1. #1 by arfian on May 24, 2011 - 3:16 pm

    Mantapz Bro…..
    Tuh liat ja yang gi tidur,haha
    Emang IP Gempol ini bisa bikin hidup makin hidup.

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