The usage of “Due to” and “Because of”

Expression of Cause and Effect

In expressing cause and effect we can use many expression and phrase. But in this occasion we would likt to explain about “because”, “because of”, and “due to”.

Let’s start now!

  1. 1.      Because (karena, sebab)

“Because” is one of conjunction that is used to modify clause showing cause of an effect or result.

Pattern : Main clause + because + subclause

Examples        :  a. I came late to school because I got up at seven this morning

b. She can do the test well because she studies regularly.

c. We will go to that place because it is an interesting place.

  1. 2.      Because of or Due to (dikarenakan, disebabkan)

“Because of” and “due to” are no different with “because” but it is used with Noun.

Pattern : Main clause + because of/ Due to + Noun

Examples        :  a. I can’t do the test because of my absence.

b. We felt disappointed due to our failure in that game



  1. Use “because of” with a pronoun. Phrases such as “Due to you” or “Due to me” don’t sound right. “Because of you” or “Because of me” sound better.
  2. Use “due to” for more formal sentences and “because of” in less formal writing. Plug these two into the same sentence, and you can hear the difference; the first sounds more formal than the second.
  3. use “due to” to modify nouns and “because of” to modify verbs.

Examples : a. Due to jobless, we had problems

b. Because of having no job, we had problems.

c. Her anger was due to her failure.

d. She was angry because of her failure.

Ok guys, that’s all about it. Try to practice them regularly.


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