Guessing Word, Identifying Object Game

This is one of Word Games that is interesting to play. We can play it with our partner or in group.

One student will be a player and has a word in his or her mind. While other students try to guess or find that word by asking some “ Yes or No Questions “. It is forbidden to give “ Informative Question “.

The questions must start from the most general case for asking whether it is a person, an animal, a plant, a fruit, an occupation, a film, a song, or many others.

The player must say “Yes or No “ to answer the questions. If the question close to the specified word, other can directly guess what it is. For student who gets “Yes” answer deserves to give question again.

This game seems to be more interesting if we play in some groups.

Try it and you will like it !


Example :


A is a player and has ( President ) in his mind. B, C, D try to guess what word is inside A’s mind.


B : “Is it an animal ?”

A : “No, it isn’t.”

C : “Is it a profession ?”

A : “Yes, it is.”

C : “Is it in the school ?”

A : “No, it is not.”

D : “Is it in the office ?’

A : “Yes, it is.”

D : “Is it a man or a woman ?”

A ; “Yes, Of course.”

D : “Does he wear coat and tie ?”

A : “Yes, He does.”

D : “Does He bring a suitcase ?”

A : “No, He doesn’t.”

B : “Is He a leader ?”

A : “Yes, He is.”

B : “Does He lead the country ?”

A : “Yes, He is.”

B : “Is He a president.”

A : “Yes, You are right. It is a President.”


From the example above, we know that B finally can guess the word. B is a winner in this game.

We can make this game in some chapters. The student answering or guessing more words in all chapters will be considered as the winner.

While, the student who can’t answer or guess the word along the game will get a punishment.

We can modify and improve this game as we like. And you’ll like it.


Have a nice try  !!!





NB.  The player having a word in his mind is forbidden to change that word before it’s finally revealed.

The player must be honest.


  1. #1 by dianandriana on July 10, 2011 - 10:05 am

    I got many knowledges from IP. Many thanks for my teacher and all of my friend. We hope all of our knowledges have beneficial for us and others. Amin yamujibassailin

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