Relative Pronoun, Speaking Execise

Have you known about Relative Pronoun?

Yeah, It’s kata ganti penghubung in Indonesia. Actually this is an important term we have to learn to make our conversation ability better than before.

The Relative Pronoun we learn are :

Relative Pronoun





 It’s used for person as Subject  That man is smoking

That man is my father

The man who is smoking  is my father.


 It’s used for person as Object  They met that man

Tham man is my father

The man whom they met is my father


 It’s used for possessive adjective  That girl is beautiful

Her father is our teacher

The girl whose father is our teacher is beautiful


 It’s used for all Nouns  That book is expensive

That book is mine

The book which is expensive is mine

Now, let’s do this exercise !



A. Give response to each following questions, see the example !

Example : A stranger gave you directions to the post office.Did she speak to fast ?

Response : Yes, the stranger who gave me directions to the post office spoke to fast.

1.      A waiter served you at a restaurant. Was he polite ?

2.      A barber cut your hair. Didi he do a good job ?

3.      A clerk cashed you check. Did he ask for identification ?

4.      A man has stopped you on the street. Did he ask you for directions ?

5.      A car was driven through a red light. Did it hit another car ?

6.      Some students are taking a test. Do most of them pass ?

7.      A woman shouted at you. Was she angry ?

8.      A person is sitting next to you. Do you know him ?

9.      A man opened the door for you. Did you thank him ?

10.  You were reading a book. Did you finish it ?

B. You are in the room full of people. You are speaking to a friend. You are identifying various            people in the room for your friend. Begin your response with “ There is ………….

Example : That man’s wife is your teacher.

Response : There is the man whose wife is my teacher.

1.  That woman’s husband is a foot baal player. 6.  That woman’s car was stolen last week.
2.  That boy’s father is a doctor. 7.  You borrowed that student’s lecture notes.
3.  That girl’s mother is a lawyer. 8.  You found that girl’s key.
4.  That person’s picture was in the news paper. 9.  You read that author’s book.
5.  That man’s dog bit you yesterday. 10. We met that man’s wife.

C. Begin your response with “ Did she tell you about ……… “!

Example : She wrote a letter.

Response : Did she tell you about the letter she wrote ?

1.   She took a trip.

2.   She went to a party.

3.   She saw a program on TV.

4.   She met a fierce dog last week.

5.   She had a serious problem.

6.   She did a difficult task.

7.   She applied for a job.

8.   She hated something.

9.   She ate a plate of porridge.

10. She solved mathematic problem easily.

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