Juvenile Delinquency, an environmental effect

No appropriate word to describe about teenagers.

As we know, teenagers always want to do everything they have known before, no matter it is good or bad.

They always want to get what they want, even it is sometimes incompatible with their environment.

They try all the way in front of them.

That’s why, They are often  trapped in the wrong direction. Such as :

  1. Consuming drugs.
  2. Free intercourses.
  3. Involve crimes.
  4. Apathy of their future.

You can look around yourselves, on the street, schools, homes There are many teenagers get along with bad habits, smoking, going steady, and fighting.

They basically want to show who they are, and they don’t want to be said as a conservative boy or girl in their environment.

Therefore, They find those ways in lifestyle and technology.

Unfortunately, They don’t know it is right or not, suitable with their faith or not., and they don’t care about it.

Let’s discuss it more by answering these following questions !

Questions :

  1. What do you think about teenagers at present?
  2. What Should we do as a good teenager?
  3. What factors may cause Juvenile Delinquency? Explain!
  4. Most of  Juvenile Delinquency comes from broken home family. Do you agree?why1
  5. What is your opinion of smoking student?
  6. Do you agree with Indonesian Islamic Scholar Council ( MUI ), that smoking is forbidden? why!
  7. What do we have to do with a boy or girl addicted to forbidden drugs? Should we stay away from him or her?
  8. What should the government do to eliminate forbidden drugs from our beloved country?
  9. Do you agree with free intercourses? why!
  10. Is there positive effect of free intercourses? Explain!


v     Juvenile Delinquency

v     Incompatible

v     Be trapped in

v     No matter

v     Therefore

v     Intercourses

: Kenakalan remaja

: tidak sesuai

: Terjebak dalam

: tak peduli

: oleh karena itu

: pergaulan

v     Eliminate

v     Addicted to

v     Stay a way from

v     Forbidden

v     Involve

v     Effect

: memusnahkan

: kecanduan

: menjauhi

: dilarang / haram

: terlibat

: dampak / akibat


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